Halo Wars 2 to get physical Windows 10 release

Halo Wars 2 to get physical Windows 10 release

With the advent of Xbox Play Anywhere compatibility beginning with ReCore in mid-September 2016, Windows 10 gamers could buy games through the Windows Store and get a twin copy to play on an account-linked Xbox One for free. The same is true of Xbox One gamers who buy a copy of the game digitally. That has been the only limitation, however: digital only. No, hard copy discs and boxes don’t come with Xbox Play Anywhere codes or capabilities, and Windows 10 hasn’t seen a single physical release of an XBPA-capable game to date. THQ Nordic and Microsoft are changing that with the release of the next major Xbox Play Anywhere title, Halo Wars 2.

While a physical release for Windows 10 is surely both a surprise and a delight for fans looking to pick it up for their PC, they would normally miss out on the digital-only XBPA capabilities and THQ Nordic is fixing that problem too. PC users will be able to buy either the Standard Edition or Ultimate Edition in hard boxed copy, and get a code to redeem in the Windows Store to enable the XBPA functionality and unlock the copy of the game for their Xbox One.

The hard copy Ultimate Edition will come with what the digital version do, too. Gamers can pick up not only the boxed copy, with discs, but also will get access to the Season Pass and Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, not to mention four-day-early access to Halo Wars 2 before the game officially launches and opens its servers to players on February 21st. We don’t yet know which retailers will be getting these physical copies, but we’ll let you know when we hear from Microsoft and THQ Nordic.

Source: THQ Nordic

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