Halo Wars 2 will not have cross-platform play says Spencer

Halo Wars 2 will not have cross-platform play says Spencer

A couple of days ago, Xbox’s Phil Spencer was asked about cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers. The question comes after Gears of War 4 was updated to allow keyboard warriors to compete head-to-head with their controller-wielding friends and allies. While cross-play isn’t a requisite aspect of the Xbox Play Anywhere functionality of a game, it can make it a lot easier on friends with different systems wanting to play together online. Spencer’s answer, included below, spoils the milk, so to speak, regarding the possibility of cross-play for the upcoming Real-Time Strategy title Halo Wars 2.

Spencer’s tone seems one of regret when sharing that Halo Wars 2 won’t allow players on Xbox One to compete with players on Windows 10, even though it’s the same game. His mention of “some longer standing engine reasons” has yet to be clarified in any subsequent tweets, so we can’t say what makes it not doable here. The reassurance comes when Spencer says “cross-play is a good feature” and the way he dodges the direct ask of “[w]ill more games offer cross play”, hinting that other upcoming titles, at least from Microsoft, will take fuller advantage of the unified online capabilities of Xbox and Windows 10.

Via: onMSFT

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