Here is what we officially know about Destiny 2

Here is what we officially know about Destiny 2

Today has been a hectic day for the Destiny community. Earlier we reported on a rumor that said the sequel would be called “Forge of Hope” which was denied by Bungie. Well today during Activision’s earnings call we learned a lot of new things about their relationship with Bungie and obviously the companies plans to make the game better such as Story.


First off Destiny 2’s development is going great and is on track for this Fall as expected. According to Kotaku, if Bungie misses this year for Destiny 2, Activision is awarded a hefty chunk of the independent studio’s stock, according to two sources familiar with goings-on at Bungie. Even though they let them delay Destiny for about a year there still is a ton of pressure to make this game right and to launch on time.

Secondly, Destiny 2 will have a “great cinematic story, memorable cast of characters and be accessible to casual players” A key strategy to this sequel is to grab new players in especially since it’s coming to PC which was talked about months ago. A couple interesting notes, Destiny will be in “new international markets” and a “big reveal” is planned which could be prior to E3.

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