HoloLens battery lasts up to 5.5 hours during normal use.


Microsoft have been inviting developers to experience HoloLens at the companies flagship store in New York City. Microsoft has been hesitant in providing details like retail availability, pricing, and battery life. Bruce Harris, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, has shared some new details about the HoloLens headset, addressing some concerns and the battery life. In a video from an event in Tel Aviv, Harris claims the HoloLens will run for around 2.5 hours when pushed to its limits, and around 5.5 hours during normal use. Obviously HoloLens is a wireless device, it’s battery life will support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to power the Windows 10 universal apps that run on the device.

Harris explained that using the HoloLens will be similar to looking at a 15-inch monitor that’s around two feet from your view. Harris also reveals that you’ll be able to link several HoloLens devices together. Two or more HoloLens users will be able to examine the same object in real-time. Microsoft is planning on making the dev kits around $3,000 in the coming months.

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