Horizon Zero Dawn was a risky undertaking according to Guerrilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn was a risky undertaking according to Guerrilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn, PlayStation 4 exclusive is one of the most anticipated games of the year behind Zelda Breath of The Wild. People tend to forget just how much of a risk it must have been for Guerrilla Games. Here was a studio that had only been known to work on first person shooters before now, who were all of a sudden making an ambitious, open world action RPG. Herman Hulst, managing director at Guerrilla Games talked about how the move to Horizon happened and why it was a risky decision for the studio.

‘I think there’s always been a lot of love for the Killzone series, people ask about it a lot, and they are entitled to,’ Hulst said. ‘I think what our game director refers to is that when we started generating this new IP for the studio, we set out basically what I did is, I gave a brief to the entire studio, and I said, “anyone want to pitch ideas? Come back!” And obviously, as first person shooter dev, there were a lot of FPS concepts that came out.”

“So it wasn’t immediately logical for us to pick an open world game that’s an action role playing game, the studio had no experience with that at the time- it’s been six years, we have some experience with it now, obviously. So it was a risky undertaking, compared to other concepts. But we’re very happy that we decided to do it- but at the time, you don’t know how it’s going to go, and you’re out of your comfort zone, and there’s so much to learn. It’s been an incredibly intense six years for us.’

Horizon Zero Dawn looks to be a fantastic game for the PlayStation 4 and couldn’t imagine how nice it will look in 4k. It looks like the work has paid off for the team at Guerrilla Games.


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