How To Defeat Vosik The Archpriest Phase 1 In Rise Of Iron

The raid just released for Destiny’s latest expansion, Rise Of Iron.

This is the first of five Wrath Of The Machine raid guides, if you would rather watch a video guide, one is included in this post. In this first guide, I will be explaining to you how to open the door and weaken the first boss of the raid.

The first thing you want to do is split your team into three pairs. One pair will go left, one will stay in the middle and one will go to the right. You will notice that there are three spinners in each location and these need to be charged up.


One person needs to stay at each spinner and everyone else need to run around to pick up voltage charges. These will be the glowing white lights on the ground and you just need to run on top of them. When you pick one up a 15 second countdown will start, if this countdown drops you WILL die. To avoid this, you need to pick up four voltages, your debuff will say max voltage, and then run over to your set spinner, hold square and you will dunk the voltages into it.




At this point you need to protect your spinners whilst they charge up. Adds will be constantly spawning and a new enemy called voltage eaters will begin to spawn near each spinner. You need to kill these before they get to the spinner or else they will take the voltage and you will have to repeat these steps. If done successfully, siva charges will begin to spawn infront of the spinners. You need to pick these up and then thrown them at the boss to lower his shield.


Once his shield is down, you can lay into him with everything you have. Bear in mind that if you still have siva charges these will do massive damage to the boss whilst his shield is down. Once the damage phase is over, his shield will go back up and you simply need to repeat the previous steps. Eventually you will get the boss weak and he will teleport away and you have completed the first step. Head up through the door and you will get to the first chest. The chest drops a legendary engram and CAN drop an exotic.

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