Hyrule Warriors Legends 3DS Review

Hyrule Warriors Legends 3DS Review

Game – Hyrule Warriors Legends

Release Date – March 25, 2016

Platform – Nintendo 3DS

Developers – Omega Force/Team Ninja

Publishers – Nintendo/Koei Tecmo

Price – $39.99

Reviewed By – Weston Terry



I have always been a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda franchise. Also, I have fond memories of playing Dynasty Warriors with my friends back in high school. When I heard the announcement that they were meshes the combat of Dynasty Warriors with the lore and world of the Legend of Zelda, I was pumped! It appeared as if we were going to see a new take on a beloved franchise. Too bad it didn’t look good…




Firstly, let me say that I attempted to play through this game on an original Nintendo 3DS. However, it is impossible to do so. The game stutters the entire time. I can take down every enemy on my screen with a powerful attack just to see twenty more pop back up that I couldn’t previously see. It just couldn’t handle the amount of enemies on screen that the Wii U game could. It was frustrating to say the least.




As I continued trying to force my way through, however, I did notice one positive thing. The cut scenes. These scenes look incredible on my 3DS! I never noticed any chugging or stuttering during the clips. It really surprised me that the visuals could look this great. But, to get more awesome cut scenes, I would have to go back into the game.




Now, the gameplay isn’t bad. If you are a Dynasty Warriors fan, then you know what to expect. You’ll combo weaker enemies to build up a super move, then unleash it on a mini boss or a huge field of foes. But, again, that was the problem. I never could see who I was attacking, and when I did, more would just repopulate the area. So, the gameplay was fun, but my 3DS just couldn’t muster up the much needed power.




There are a great selection of weapons and characters in this game to make it more diverse, but it just wasn’t worth the struggle to see it all. I can’t speak about the New Nintendo 3DS, but if you have the original 3DS or a 2DS, then you will want to pass on this game. If you have a Wii U, then go and buy Hyrule Warriors instead, as it will perform much better than this game. Sorry Hyrule, I won’t be saving you this time…


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