Joseph Staten is writing Crackdown 3 storyline

Joseph Staten is writing Crackdown 3 storyline

Crackdown 3 was revealed at E3 2014 and this year according to Microsoft it will launch this year just in time for Xbox Scorpio. Well it looks like the games storyline will be written by Joseph Staten who is known for his contribution to the Halo series, the creator of Arbiter, and one of his recent works ReCore.

This confirmation comes through a tweet from the one and only Staten saying that he’ll be in the UK working with the dev team.

Joseph also responds to fans saying how the team nailed the classic Crackdown feel.

It was said a while ago that Crackdown 3’s story would release later and the multiplayer would launch first. Back before the game was delayed the multiplayer was supposed to come in Summer 2016. We are not sure if that changed and they decided to launch everything at once. We should hopefully hear before or during E3 2017.

Crackdown 3 will be available for 4k gaming on Scorpio once it releases.

We spoke to Staten at E3 2016:

Owner and founder of Rectify Gaming.

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