Latest PlayStation 4 update apparently causing Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Latest PlayStation 4 update apparently causing Wi-Fi connectivity issues

On March 9, Sony released the 4.5 Update to PlayStation 4 owners which brought with it many improvements, as well as Boost Mode improvements for PlayStation 4 Pro owners, and many were happy upon its release.  Now, a week later, PlayStation 4 owners are reporting Wi-Fi connection issues, according to TechRadar.

TechRadar writes that “[a]ccording to many reports from console owners, since installing the update they’ve been unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network to get online.”  They continue saying that with specifically correct network credentials, they get a ‘failed’ notification and no resulting connection.  They are then told that the password is incorrect, even if it’s not.

TechRadar follows up, offering a couple of solutions to the problem.  Obviously your mileage may vary, but they recommend trying to connect the PlayStation to an Ethernet cable, and that if there isn’t a cable in the area, or within reach, removing the Wi-Fi network’s password, thus leaving it as an unsecured, open Wi-Fi network, connection should proceed normally.

Sony has yet to official address the issue in any capacity, but should we learn more or hear an official statement, we’ll keep you updated.  For the time being, stay tuned to Rectify Gaming for the latest.

Source: TechRadar

Via: Neowin

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