Latest Sea Of Thieves Inn-side Story focuses on why co-op is necessary to core gameplay

Latest Sea Of Thieves Inn-side Story focuses on why co-op is necessary to core gameplay

When Sea Of Thieves was first shown off during Microsoft’s E3 2016 presentation, a key aspect of the game that both the developers and Xbox made a point of discussing was the co-operative aspect. As an online-only multiplayer game, getting along with fellow piratey players is something many will find problematic if they’re not playing with close friends. But, in the developers’ latest video in the Inn-side Story series talking about various aspects of the game, co-op was the focus.  The full video is embedded at the bottom of this article for your viewing pleasure.

The first thing to know about the upcoming pirate-’em-up is that, by design, no single player can (reasonably) do every job on a ship so you’ll need a crew to do much of any travel. Once you gather a crew and head out into open water, your crew will divvy up all the jobs on-board to make any headway. The wheelman can’t actually see the map, as it’s one deck below on a table, as well as the wheelman not having the best view of the ship’s surroundings so you’ll need a mate in the crow’s nest or up among the sails.

The biggest part of Sea Of Thieves is definitely the constant search for buried treasure, and that’s also a co-operative effort. A full crew can pitch in and dig up a chest, or you can send a small group while some remain to guard the ship against possible ambush parties, but someone has to carry the chest eventually. The final note in the video is that a treasure’s contents aren’t yours until you sell it at a port. Someone, even on your crew, could gun you or your ship down and claim the treasure, but that’s where co-operation comes in. You can have a treasure carrier and a few players as guards when around other players, and that’s just exciting. Sea Of Thieves has already held a private beta session on Xbox, so it’s likely that another beta may be held in the next few months once player feedback has been considered and acted on from the previous session.

Via: Game Reactor

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