Mass Effect Andromeda’s Development Director Leaves Bioware


We don’t know much about Mass Effect: Andromeda yet but we get info or an image here and there. The most interesting pieces of information have been the people Bioware has been hiring to work on the title. One of the biggest pieces of news is that Chris Wynn, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s development director is on the way out. While Wynn didn’t announce just why he was leaving Bioware but he took to Twitter in order to tell fans of the game series he was going to be moving on.

Here is what Chris Wynn said in a series of tweets on twitter:

“It is with a heavy heart today to say that I am moving on from BioWare and Mass Effect: Andromeda, and returning to the USA. The Andromeda team is the most talented team that I have ever worked with, truly inspiring to have worked with you each and every day. I will join the passionate N7 community and will eagerly await the release of Andromeda with equal enthusiasm. Thank you and Happy Holidays!”


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