More third party Nintendo Switch announcements coming soon

More third party Nintendo Switch announcements coming soon

The Telegraph, a news publication in the United Kingdom, recently got to sit down with Yoshiaki Koizumi and Shinya Takahashi of Nintendo and ask some questions. They talk a lot about how they think they have a much more successful marketing approach than they did with the Wii U, and how they plan to keep a steady stream of titles releasing. In addition, they mention a bit about third party support and how more is on the way. 

“As you know we’ve been focussed on development on first party games, but with Nintendo Switch we’ve also put a lot of energy into making third-party cooperation possible, and that includes a lot of attention paid to the development environment that we are provided to these partners as well as the middleware we create for them. Soon you will a lot more announcements from third-party partners” – Yoshiaki Koizumi

They also asked what Nintendo is doing to ensure that third parties start developing for the Switch, in which they responded that they are working to make it as easy as possible to develop for.

“I think a lot of it comes down to the development environment we’re providing because these are third-party providers that are bringing games to Nintendo hardware we want to do everything we can to make that experience comfortable for them including providing support for Unity or Unreal 4 which are platforms a lot of people are already using.

So one example I can give of this is SnipperClips which is made by a very small development team in England, which uses Unity so they were able to develop it very quickly.” – Yoshiaki Koizumi

Expect to hear more from third parties in the near future.


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