New Game Announced By Surgeon Simulator Devs

New Game Announced By Surgeon Simulator Devs

Bossa Studios, the ones behind known games like Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread have just announced their new game known as Decksplash.

This title to be a competitive, self-controlled, multiplayer skateboarding game. Similar to Splatoon the objective of the game is for two teams of three to dominate the other team by covering the map with their color. Using approaches like chain combos to get bigger paint splashes, shockwaves for more powerful splashes to end the opponents combo, and score zone to increase yours and your teammates multiplier if performing tricks in the specific area.

And compared to the titles listed before by Bossa Studios, Decksplash will have an actual responsive control system with the board. Creating tricks and performing combos will be much less painful, but after you get practice of course.

The playtest for Decksplash is available now on the game’s website and will later be available on Early Access for Steam this Spring.

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