New Nintendo Switch details have been leaked

New Nintendo Switch details have been leaked

Recently, the Nintendo Switch  subreddit did a AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Laura Kate Dale who has some great intel when it comes to Nintendo and has a history of being correct. Of course, everyone asked questions about things we do not know about yet from Nintendo, but this is what she thinks/believes will happen..

  • Don’t expect to see RETRO’s new game in January
  • VC games will have upgrades so you don’t have to buy them all again at full price
  • She heard Beyond Good & Evil 2 has a CG trailer in the works (don’t believe this one)
  • Thinks Pokémon Stars will have new Pokémon, Eurogamer doubts it
  • Account system isn’t tied to hardware
  • Believes in Mother 3
  • Miiverse is back
  • Wii remotes might be back
  • October dev kits are more powerful than previous ones

They may also have an achievement system coming to the Nintendo Switch. Laura feels pretty confident about it.

“I have heard achievements, but I can’t seem to clarify if they are separate or not from the new My Nintendo ones folk are earning for playing Smartphone games.”

We could see some of this at the Nintendo Presentation January 12th, but we will see what happens then.


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