Nintendo Switch specs revealed, touch screen confirmed

UPDATE: The Nintendo Switch is capable of supporting up to 2TB of extra storage with high-capacity SD (microSDXC) memory cards according to gamereactor.

With Nintendo finally getting their presentation out of the way, we now have a list of confirmed specs. As expected, the portable displays at 720p, is 6.2 inches and has a capacitive multi-touch screen. The dock doesn’t seem to offer any additional power, but instead lets the device run at a higher clock speed to put out 1080p to the TV. Battery life can last more than six hours, but ultimately depends on the game, and is expected to be about 2.5-6 hours on average. It uses USB-C, as expected from rumors. Storage comes in quite low at 32GB, but can be expanded with microSDXC or microSDHC cards. The processor is a custom tegra powered by NVIDIA, another expected rumor confirmed. The dock has 2 USB ports, and allows charging of accessories. In terms of wireless capabilities, it can connect with up to 8 other consoles via local play, and also offers online play. You can also connect to the internet docked with a LAN adapter if you choose so.

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