Our E3 2016 predictions

Our E3 2016 predictions

E3 2016 is around the corner and it is becoming one of the more hyped E3’s in a while. It would have been even more crucial if Nintendo were willing to have a press conference with the NX but it looks like they will not have a conference or a direct. The Xbox Scorpio and the PlayStation 4 Neo have been talked about for a while now and the rumors have been heating up.

At Rectify Gaming we have been talking about it as well and we are sharing our realistic/unrealistic predictions for this year’s E3. We will be adding more predictions once more of the team comes up with theirs.  Check them out:

Ward- 47– Elder scrolls 6 announced.

Scott– Tyboy will need a brown paper bag to blow into at some point to slow down his hyperventilation.

Wifiplayer13: Red Dead Redemption 2, Halo teaser (either 6 or a spin off), Crash Bandicoot, Sunset Overdrive 2, a Valve game with the number 3 in it. Upgraded hardware from both Microsoft and Sony. A sequel to Rise of The Tomb Raider and Nintendo to reveal the name of the next Zelda game.

Mike Boccher: Elder scrolls online content will be announced, Ubisoft will have a new game, Mini Xbox / upgraded console, Gears 4 story, Sea of thieves, More Scalebound.

Adam Ferrero: Mass Effect: Andromeda will be one of the biggest appearances, and will win several best of E3 awards. Same goes with Battlefield 1. Call of Duty will be considered adequate but stale. The new Xbox console will be a plus but not a game changer. Nintendo won’t have too much to say about their new console since it was pushed back, but the new Zelda will be their big winner. Half-Life is a no show. Biggest year of VR to date. Xbox will present a yet unknown exclusive game that will be an indie darling, Sony will present a yet unknown game that will be a AAA darling. Ubisoft will unveil an exciting new IP that won’t be released until 2018-2019.

E3 2016

Paul Ludlow: Telltale Batman will be shown off in depth, hopefully with another Telltale game as well maybe Wolf Among Us 2. Crackdown 3 will be shown off by just blowing an entire building up or something equally ridiculous.

DUAL BLAD3: Possibly announce keyboard comparability to Xbox one.

Wh1plash96: We are merely a week away from the biggest conference of Xbox, and there are a lot of things I’m expecting to be announced. To start off, I would like to see more RPGs games by Microsoft Studios and exclusive to Xbox because it’s a type of game the platform lacks nowadays, with Scalebound being delayed until 2017, and Lionhead shutting down. Next up, the highly anticipated 40% smaller Xbox One version. Since 2013 when Xbox One was revealed, the majority of people complained about its size, and that it looked like a VCR. Personally, I didn’t mind the size because it allows more room to prevent overheating, and was designed to be turned on for 10 years, though seeing a smaller version could be a positive thing for the community. More and better Backwards Compatibility titles is what we need right now. The current library is good but it could be better with titles announced last year such as Bioshock: Infinite, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 1, 2 and 3 (Looking at you Activision), Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2 & 3, and so on. I’m expecting Microsoft to reveal any of the above IPs at E3.

E3 Hype

Sergio: I think Mass Effect: Andromeda will be a huge draw. It’s too soon to have a Mortal Kombat sequel, so I believe it will be a new Injustice game. Nintendo will display the NX for the first time, but no new games other than Zelda. Maybe a few more 3DS games, but the Wii U is dead as far as I’m concerned.

Exstro: We will get another look at Scalebound and generally more trailers for previous announced games. Telltale will show of their spin on batman and most likely announce another title. Xbox will definitely talk or show off their “1.5” Xbox One, and announce something else huge, maybe something to do with VR. Sony will likely announce a new AAA title. And Ubisoft will show off watchdogs 2, or another title.

Talkverse:  I predict they’ll reveal battlefront a) Multiplayer beta b) Campaign demo during E3, and maybe other game companies will add surprise releases we didn’t know about until then. Like a third installment for the spartan series maybe. But Sony would try promote Infinite Warfare (They get DLC earlier) and MW1 remastered to try get it to sell more, and nintendo will only be talking about future Zelda games. Xbox would focus on Halo Wars 2, and some other exclusives coming along, and perhaps more backwards compat & Games with Gold.

TwiztedShotzTV: Maybe Halo 3 anniversary but def Halo Wars 2 stuff. Would like to see something good from Nintendo honestly but they likely won’t pull anything big.

Tyboy: What I want to see at E3 is more Halo Wars 2, A sequel to Sunset Overdrive, Red Dead Redemption 2, I think we could see a Ori & The Blind Forest 2 be announced, A release date for Cuphead on Xbox One, More info on Xbox Scorpio, mini and PS4 Neo, I hope somehow Nintendo surprises us with whatever they are doing at E3. I think we will see a new teaser for a new Halo game I have a feeling we won’t see much of Halo 6 maybe a 30 second teaser like we saw in 2013 for ‘Halo on Xbox One’. Lastly my world famous prediction, 1 vs 100 gets announced at Xbox’s Conference with Chris Cashman on stage.

Galaxygamerone did an article on his PlayStation predictions you can see here

Do our predictions seem realistic or unrealistic? Let us know in the comments.



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