PAX East 2017: Bruce

PAX East 2017: Bruce

With plenty of games to choose from on the show floor of PAX East this year, Bruce is truly one that you wouldn’t know what expect from just the trailer.

Originally started development in 2012 by a Polish developer Tabasco Interactive until later when IMGN.PRO along with Danish developer Logic Artists revived the project to bring the game back to life. Inspired by movies such as Blade Runner, Sin City, and I, Robot; Bruce is set in a grim, unnamed city in the near future with you playing a detective named Bruce. With a girlfriend that works for a company that builds robots, she’s later wanted dead and your mission is to prevent that from happening. Given an Nano suit, you must progress through the city against a wide range of enemies that you will come across.


Running from rooftop to rooftop, you will discover that there are upgrades you can use with the Nano suit. You can hack door ways, slowdown time to get your advantage against enemies, invisibility for stealth, armor for to withstand damage and dashing when shooting. With the 30 minute timeframe I played Bruce, I was able to play with the hacking an could say it’s simple yet less interactive than I expected. As I was progressing through the demo they had out, there was a door that needed to be hacked and with just the press of a button it loaded and the door unlocked. Assuming it was a minimal concept to even be in the game until I reached the end of the level, I had to hack a elevator and forced fight off a wave of enemies while staying in range of the elevator before it arrived. In my opinion, uses the ability to vary the gameplay rather than just a simple action that stops the flow of the game when rushing through the level.

For being a 2.5D game, people would think less of a game like Bruce, but there is more to it than you’d think. With a varying amount of weapons you will stumble upon (the pistol and machine gun in the demo) and more in the levels following, several paths to traverse through the game, and different ways to fight enemies. Getting a feel of the game in the demo, I failed attempting to taking out an enemy silently and instead of a quick take down, it instead developed into a fist fight. Following that by taking cover as the other enemies unloaded their firearms towards me. Aiming is more responsive with a mouse rather than the controller as it doesn’t aim in the exact spot I was going for and more in the general area I was aiming. But for stealth it is all close up and personal as it’s all takedowns as I played in the demo. Planned and executed is the way to successfully perform takedown enemies, but I did notice running doesn’t alert the enemies and could run through the demo fairly quick.

Overall Bruce is a game I look forward to seeing hit the stores and getting friends into the game as well. With a few bugs here and there the game is a solid title that I recommend looking into. Bruce will be available for both console and PC in 2017.

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