Perception Is Now Coming To Xbox One

Perception Is Now Coming To Xbox One

Perception takes horror-survival to a different level with the game’s new take on exploring the world they created by former Dead Space and Bioshock developers who formed The Deepend Games.

You play as a girl only known as Cassie with the disability of being blind. Only equipped with a smart phone and a walking stick you must use your sense of hearing to explore the New England mansion. Cassie uses echolocation to “see”, every sound that’s made draws out your visuals. Using that Cassie must hide from what’s inside including what’s known as The Presence. And unfold mysteries of the mansion as you progress through the game.

With no word on yet this game will be available, best bet would be somewhere in 2017 as it just being uploaded to Xbox’s YouTube Channel recently. Perception will be available for Playstation 4 and PC as announced prior.

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