PlayStation 4 Slim Being Worked On Along With The Neo

PlayStation 4 Slim Being Worked On Along With The Neo

Microsoft and Sony are known to follow almost identical strategies when it comes to consoles. If one company makes an announcement of a new console expect the other to follow suit, and it seems like this is happening again.

Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s E3 announcement of the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. Sony is now rumoured to be preparing to announce the previously unheard of PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation Neo at the Tokyo Game Show later this year.

This news is courtesy of the renowned analyst Takashi Mochizuki, who is reporting that the PlayStation 4 Slim will be released along with the PlayStation Neo.

The previous rumours of the next Sony consoles have been focused on the Neo with the Slim almost unheard of. But after Microsoft’s recent announcement of the Xbox One S it was only a matter of time before Sony announced their own version.

If previous slim versions of the older models are anything to go by, it is expected that this updated model will be smaller, slimmer and more energy and cost efficient.

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