Quantum Break has yet to sell over 200K in the US at retail

According to the NPD, Quantum Break has yet to sell over 200K at retail in the US. While digital sales aren’t known yet, that number of retail sales is low for a game that was released in early April for both Xbox One and PC and in the UK the game was only able to hit number 7 on the top 10 best selling games of April.


Source: ZhugeEX

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  • dead fanboy

    Actually Quantum Break was 1 in the UK charts for a week and 7 in the USA. It’s a good game recently bought and still have it very entertaining.

  • cgoodno


  • Necro


  • Bobby Griffin

    I have over 200 friends on xbox and about 98 percent of them buy digital I own over 100 games with my cousin because of account share and all are digital. The only game I bought at retail this gen is Titanfall

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      oh PLEASE! you sound delusional loool… you REALLY do!

      • He sounds delusional in what way? I’m with him, 98% of my library is digital. My friends have all their games digitally. It makes perfect sense Quantum Break selling more digitally than retail.

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          because to assume that THIS many people are purchasing games digitally is to pit up the numbers against Steams best sales of games.. so what you’re saying is more people on a traditionally physical machine are now switching up and purchasing more digital games than an already established and traditionally digital games platform…? Bare in mind PC is in it’s millions of sales and Xbox One hasnt sold through 25 million…? and that sounds logical/likely to you..?

      • Edonus

        You sound like a dumb @ss pony…… I am also on of those people that went totally digital this gen. The numbers if you look past the rape that the gaming media does to the mindless drones suggest that there is a strong digital sales community especially on the X1.
        Remember the media tried to tell us Tomb Raider sold terrible…. turns it was well over 1 million sales. They told us Halo 5 wasn’t selling well…. it was over 5 million before new years. They said Forza 6 wasn’t selling it sold great, they said Titanfall didn’t sell well the company was extremely happy with sales and 10 million plus player base.
        Its a trend for all games and products related to MS and X1. They actively look for data that supports it not doing well to suppress its success.
        This article is an increasingly small sliver of what a sales profile is. It is looking at stores in the US only…… So how many more have been sold around the world? How many have been sold digitally… and lets not forget it had the big promotion of getting a free PC version if you purchased digital….. yeah…… but none of that counts though .

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          lool you are ACTUALLY insane!!! loool.. like fulyl insane.. im no pony but if you want to think i am then great and thank you :)..

          With those numbers you’re tryign to tell me that there are more people purchasing digital games than on Steam!!??? LIKE ARE YOU INSANEEE!!?? looooooooooool

          You’re just stupid.. there’s ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE to support ANYTHING you’re saying… yet here you are as a delusional fanboy spouting out numbers as if they’re confirmed lool.. and NO an argument with a person on Neogaf doesn’t count as evidence lool

  • XanderZane41

    It was in the Top 10 in April. How do they know it sold under 200K. What is the total YTD numbers that NPD has?

  • Johanna_LX

    Shit game who would this shit?

  • Tga215

    All I can do is laugh

  • PillPopNaNimaL

    According to VHChartz, it sold just at 200k in the U.S and 380k worldwide. Still a disappointing number

    • VGchartz is very known to provide wrong sales numbers.

    • Hvd

      next gen AAA title and a new ip at 720p/30fps…..thats just bad and it showed.

  • Eagles83

    The press/reviews seem to have killed this game. It wasn’t a 10 out of 10 game but it was a solid 8 out of 10. I certainly don’t understand the hate against it. The time mechanics offered some cool moments and the gameplay was pretty good. The final boss fight was an example of lazy game design imo but overall was a good game.

    • Jeroenske

      Xbox/windows store exclusivity = dead on arrival for any game imho

      • Eagles83

        Don’t like exclusives on any system. I wish they all went to PC so I no longer had to buy consoles at all. Being exclusive to Xbox though isn’t a death nail like you say. Halo did well as have several others.

  • Kevin Scott

    Sad. Game like that needs to be on PS4. We appreciate new IPs and not just the next CoD to release.

  • Hvd

    the game sold way more then that dont believe every article that comes out about it especially if its the only article that comes out about it…lol

    you people will believe anything……lol

  • Panty Sniffer

    this game is dead foreva

  • jacksjus

    Regardless if the game was good or not MS marketed this game big time.

  • Hvd

    thats what happens when you put out a so called big AAA title at 720p/30fps with streaming fmv.this game was bad from the start.

    i have an xbox and i wouldnt buy it because of 720p/30fps.

  • DLConspiracy//

    Hopefully with all the hatred towards MS and their games we Sony fans can cause Xbox and their developers to close up shop. That way thousands of people will lose their jobs. So we can finally feel like we have the best console. That’s the plan isnt it? Sales aren’t enough to satiate my deires.

    • Tga215


      • DLConspiracy//

        Yes :D

    • Larry Wright

      It could be worse. At least gaming fans don’t brutally attack and almost kill each other like soccer, or futbol, or whatever the hell they call it lol. Fans around the world fight to the death over that sport. On second thought maybe we are headed that direction!

      • DLConspiracy//

        They would probably have a mean text battle next to each other.

  • chidoribh666

    Game is shit btw.

    • Jack Mehoff

      did you play it while you were sucking dick or afterwards?

  • Jack Mehoff

    Most people I know bought this digitally

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