Rectify Mobile Coming in 2017 starting with our Windows 10 app.

Rectify Mobile Coming in 2017 starting with our Windows 10 app.

You can’t have a celebration weekend without having some sweet announcements and surprises. During our 48 hour live stream we revealed a lot of sweet things including Rectify Mobile.

What exactly is Rectify Mobile? It just means Rectify Gaming is coming to Windows 10 devices including Xbox One which is set to launch very soon and had to be delayed after we originally planned on releasing it today. Not only Windows devices, but we are bringing our mobile app to Android and iOS later in the new year.

What will it include? Our apps will include just about the same features as we don’t want to leave anybody behind. You’ll be able to check out the latest news of all platforms, reviews, listen to podcast episodes, all our social media including Youtube, you’ll be able to check the tournament brackets right from the app. We also are trying to push a big feature that will help our friends in NJoy, MulehornGaming, and Geekologist Radio and of course our streamers with you being able to watch their and our live streams right from the app. It’s something we are going to keep pushing and hope it will work.

In the future with the Rectify Mobile app we will try to integrate our great themes in it not just for consoles, but for your phones as well. We will have even more coming to the app and we will announce more information as we get closer to the releases.

This has been in the works for months and I was trying to push this out in the early to mid Fall, but it has to be almost perfect to launch.



Owner and founder of Rectify Gaming.

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