Respawn is open to cross-play for Titanfall 2.

Respawn is open to cross-play for Titanfall 2.

Cross play has been a big topic of 2016 and as more new games come out fans will wonder if it will have cross play. Respawn is open to the possibility of having the feature for Titanfall 2, but has no plans to do so at launch. Steve Fukoda, Titanfall 2’s game director was interviewed by Shacknews and said “We aren’t planning on doing that at launch. For now, the answer is no, but we aren’t closed to the possibility”.

The most likely scenario for cross-play would be Xbox One and PC as Sony has yet to say anything if they would like to be apart of anything cross-play related. Titanfall 2 had recently completed it’s first Tech Test and already have made changes that the fans suggested, you can see them here.

What are your thoughts on Titanfall 2 cross-play?

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