RiME finally has a release date

RiME finally has a release date

If you remember back to Sony’s initial introduction of the then-PS4-exclusive RiME in 2013, we had no real knowledge other than it was pretty and new. Since then, the game’s developer, Tequila Works, have re-acquired the rights, according to IGN, to be able to publish on a much wider platform scale.

The launch, schedule for May 26 on PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox One and PC via Steam. There will also be a release on Nintendo’s Switch console, but no dates have been shared thus far. The game is set be priced around $30 and €30, and £35 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC releases. The Switch release is set to cost a little more, at $40 and €40, and £45. Both physical and digital versions are going to be available.  Preorders at Amazon can be found here

Via: IGN

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