Rime may be coming to Xbox One as well with new Gamestop publishing deal

Rime may be coming to Xbox One as well with new Gamestop publishing deal

Gamestop said a few months back that they are looking to get into the game publishing business. After all, with the sales of physical discs decreasing year over year and digital sales increasing, Gamestop sales have been decreasing. By no means are they in trouble, but looking toward the future is always a good start. After announcing a deal with Insomniac Games for Song of the Deep, Gamestop has announced several new partnership deals with company’s like Ready at Dawn, Frozenbyte and Tequila Works.

Gamestop will not be involved in the actual development of the game and merely help developers reach wider audiences. Now, of course Insomniac and developers like Ready at Dawn and Tequila Works are well known and don’t really need to reach bigger audiences. On the other hand, it will help the company to get smaller developers into the door as well with such big powered names already on their dossier. Gamestop spoke on the partnership by saying

“GameTrust will revolutionize the game development and distribution process by offering a new way for independent developers to create and introduce their own intellectual property to a broad gaming audience and for gamers to discover and enjoy exclusive new video game experiences,”

It is a win-win for both Gamestop and the developer. Not only will Gamestop achieve higher sales by benefitting from their exclusives as a result of the deal, but smaller developers will also be able to get into retail opposed to simply being a digital download. Now, Tequila Works was the developer of Rime which was originally a PS4 exclusive after Xbox One missed out via the id@xbox program. Since they have re-acquired the rights to the game from Sony and now partnered with Gamestop, the game may very well end up on Xbox One consoles pretty soon.

What do you think about Gamestop’s newest ventures? Let us know below.

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