RUMOR: GTA Online Updates To Slow Down

RUMOR: GTA Online Updates To Slow Down


Yan2295 recently posted that they expect to see GTA Online updates slow down soon according to what they know and what they expect. Of course this is all rumor, but user Yan2295 claims to be a Rockstar employee.

“Basically, according to what I heard, GTA Online updates are going to slow down this year, to then stop around the time RDR2 will release.”

He goes on to speculate that the Import/Export update would have been a good way to “end GTA Online with something big”, and that news from around a year ago hinted to it being the last update (no source sited). Yan2295 also says that Rockstar North is split into 4 teams right now working on 4 different projects; Red Dead Redemption 2, the next GTA, and “another game”, so the team in charge of GTA Online updates are running out of resources.

Check out the article in full and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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