Rumor: Nintendo is ending production of the NES Mini

Rumor: Nintendo is ending production of the NES Mini

UPDATE: Nintendo have since given a reply, NES Mini is still in production.

The NES Mini has for sure been a hit with fans and retro gaming enthusiasts but it has certainly been hard to get hold of. NeoGAF member Roarer works for a large Scandinavian retailer and has heard from Nintendo and their distributor Bergsala that the system is no longer being produced and will be phased out by the Kyoto based company. Roarer says that whilst production has ended they will still be getting a few more shipments. The last shipment should arrive in April or May and then that’s it.

It seems a bit weird how they would just end production, but as always take this with a grain of salt. We will update once we get some kind of confirmation.


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  • rogXue

    when you realize that people are able to soft mod it to put over 700 NES games on the device you pull the plug I guess.

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