RUMOR: Nintendo Switch Could Launch March 17th

RUMOR: Nintendo Switch Could Launch March 17th

We are now in 2017 which means Nintendo will be releasing the Nintendo Switch in March, but we shall have to wait until January 12th to find out the exact date. Reddit user King_Of_Rad_Lions maybe up to something on when the unique console will launch and will be on the store shelves.

“Since MyNintendo began, pretty much every reward has expired on the first of a month to make room for new rewards. However, many of the recently added rewards expire in the middle of a month- more specifically, on a random Thursday in March (3/16).”

“Since the Switch will likely launch on a Friday, could the fact that most of the rewards cycle out on Thursday the 16th suggest that new Switch centered rewards and the Switch itself will release on the 17th?”

This could make perfect sense as Nintendo ends its Switch tour during the first weekend of March.

Will you buy a Switch day one?


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