Sea Of Thieves update brings game to 0.1.1, adds more islands, seas, and NPC enemies

Sea Of Thieves update brings game to 0.1.1, adds more islands, seas, and NPC enemies

Sea Of Thieves was first unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 briefing in 2016 and dropped its gangplank for its first public crewmates in December with the first technical preview weekend on Xbox One. Since then, the game has welcomed over 5,000 Xbox One players with promises to include Windows 10 hopefuls in future preview tests. Today, however, the team at Rare Studios are launching an update to the game, bringing the Technical Alpha to version 0.1.1.

The update also got a highlights video, which we’ll embed below for a swarthier-toned description, but here’s the gist of the update. “Players picked for our next playtest face the dangers of an expanded world, and a skeletal uprising, as they venture far across an open sea,” according to the video. What this means for players is that the game will not only get an expansion of the explorable sea-and-island territory, but players will also have a faction-less skeleton-ghost enemy roaming islands to defend against along with any competing pirate crews.

The video doesn’t specify how much of an expansion, just that there is one. However, what it does specify is that with the new update, new islands and seascapes will be reachable, as well as fixing the unevenness of blunderbuss-ing an opponent on foot as well as adding the obvious ‘falling too far can kill you’ bit to the physics interaction for when players think they’re being clever leaping from a bridge onto their ship below.

With recent player number increases, from the original 1,000 players to the now over 5,000 players that have tried their hand at digital piracy, we’ll likely see another increase when Sea OF Thieves’ Technical Preview next sets sail, but until then stay tuned to Rectify Gaming for the latest.

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