Sleeping Dogs Movie On Its Way

Sleeping Dogs Movie On Its Way

United Front’s open-world sandbox focused on the triads in crime ridden Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs is now getting a movie adaptation for the 2012 released title.

Announced in a recent article stating that Neal Moritz will be directing the game-based film with Donnie Yen starring as the film’s protagonist, but it’s unsure if he’s playing as Wei Shen or another character altogether. Playing as an undercover cop and climbs the ranks of the notorious Triad that’s in control of Hong Kong. With plenty of action to be expected from the game such as scenes of martial arts fighting, shootouts in the city streets, and even chases on the seas with Hong Kong in the horizon.

Unaware if the movie will follow the games main plot or a new story for the new picture. Sleeping Dogs did feature Hollywood stars in the games cast such as Emma Stone, Tom Wilkinson, and Lucy Liu, it seems likely we might see the stars coming back to play their characters once again. As of right now there is no word on when the Sleeping Dogs film will release anytime soon, stay tuned to for more news on the film.


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