GameStop lists Guardians of the Galaxy by Telltale for April 25th

A new retail listing by GameStop suggests that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series will be releasing April 25th, 2017. The listing prices the game at $29.99 USD, which means it is likely for the game’s season pass. Based off from past knowledge that means the first episode will release on the 25th of April. The listing provided some new story details as well:  Marvel’s Guardians ...[Read More]

RUMOR: Nintendo Switch Could Launch March 17th

We are now in 2017 which means Nintendo will be releasing the Nintendo Switch in March, but we shall have to wait until January 12th to find out the exact date. Reddit user King_Of_Rad_Lions maybe up to something on when the unique console will launch and will be on the store shelves. “Since MyNintendo began, pretty much every reward has expired on the first of a month to make room for new rewards...[Read More]

Microsoft will release a red Xbox One controller exclusively at GameStop & Microsoft Stores in January

Controller collectors get your money ready because there is a new hot limited edition one Xbox One controller coming. Today on Twitter, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson quoted a Gamestop tweet showing a hot looking Red Xbox One S controller. At first it seemed like it was only coming to GameStop, but Larry has said it will also be on the Microsoft Store he did not say whether that is online only or ...[Read More]

GameStop begins Nintendo Switch pre orders by adding you on a list

Nintendo fans are not joking around with the Nintendo Switch since it may be the Wii launch all over again with no systems around after launch. According to NeoGAF user, ultrazilla Gamestop will put you on a list to pre-order the Switch. He pulled out a piece of paper and said put my name and phone number down(I was number 7 on the list) and when they hear from corporate about official pre-order d...[Read More]

The Order 1886 Developer to reveal new game next week.

So it appears that the The Order 1886 Developer, Ready At Dawn’ will be revealing their next game next week. This new game will be publish by GameStop as well. With this new deal with GameStop the company will be bringing this new project onto other platforms such as Xbox One and as we all know Order 1886 was only on PlayStation 4. The game is expected to be a new franchise. Here is what GameStop ...[Read More]

Rime may be coming to Xbox One as well with new Gamestop publishing deal

Gamestop said a few months back that they are looking to get into the game publishing business. After all, with the sales of physical discs decreasing year over year and digital sales increasing, Gamestop sales have been decreasing. By no means are they in trouble, but looking toward the future is always a good start. After announcing a deal with Insomniac Games for Song of the Deep, Gamestop has ...[Read More]

Xbox One Elite Controller: Halo Component Kit is now available for pre-order at GameStop.

Well there is some great news for Xbox One Elite controller fans, if you’re a fan of the controller and Halo there is a new GameStop exclusive kit for your elite controller which is now available to pre-order.  The Halo 5 Component Kit is designed with impeccable style for the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, to bring subtle praise to your favorite game. PowerA worked alongside Microsoft ...[Read More]

GameStop to publish Insomniac’s new game

This is news you don’t normally hear about when a game gets published by GameStop. Instead of being released through a traditional publisher, Insomniac wanted to team up with GameStop.  Ted Price, the company’s founder, calls a “non-traditional developer-publisher relationship.” You might know Insomniac through Sunset Overdrive. GameStop has no creative control over the new...[Read More]

Overwatch could be coming to consoles

Last year Blizzard announced Overwatch for PC ever since the gaming world have been assuming it will be coming to consoles as well. Looks like we just got that answer thanks to Gamestop, they’re taking pre-orders on the hero shooter for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The price looks to be $60 as most console games are, but Overwatch seems to be a free to play game. It’s worth noting that Blizzard al...[Read More]

Monopoly: Fallout Edition Gets A Release Date

  Fallout players were pretty much jumping out of their chairs last month with the announcement of the Monopoly edition. Questions like who was going to be banker and what figures can we play with were just a couple of those that had fans wondering. Well, today, compliments of the Bethesda store, we have some of those details for you. Of course, the new figures will be all Fallout related, ma...[Read More]

Should You Buy Digital or Physical Copies of Games?

There has been a lot of “debate” about whether you should buy digital copies or physical copies of games. This debate has been circling around for years, but it recently kicked off with the announcement that Halo 5 Collector’s Edition being shipped with a digital version of the game instead of a disc. It has caused so much hubub, that 343i announced that there will be a Limited C...[Read More]

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