Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn sales could reach 8 million according to SuperData

Guerrilla Games’ upcoming title Horizon Zero Dawn is receiving tons of hype since the reviews have gone up with very good scores of 9/10 or even 10/10. PlayStation 4-exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn could potentially achieve lifetime sales of eight million, according to a report by SuperData. The company predicts that the open-world action title could hit six million sales by the end of 2017, an...[Read More]

Phil Spencer has asked fans to celebrate good games such as Horizon Zero Dawn

Since the reviews came out for Horizon Zero Dawn and them being almost perfect all around the talk comes once again, “Where are the Xbox One games?” Fans went to Phil Spencer on Twitter and have asked to calm down xbox fans down because its too quiet on their front when it comes to games. We are not sure if Microsoft will have a first party title before E3 and hopefully we will hear on...[Read More]

Sony shows off more of the robots in Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is back with another two trailers to further flaunt the games impressive robotic inhabitants. Yesterday Guerrilla Games and Sony showed two others and today they followed up with two more. We’re getting a look at the bulky Behemoth and the dangerous Stormbird. The Behemoth is able to use gravity to its advantage, lifting boulders from the earth and flinging them at its att...[Read More]

Sony releases Horizon: Zero Dawn “The Machines” videos

Sony and Guerrilla Games have released the first two in a new series of machine introduction trailers for Horizon: Zero Dawn, introducing the Snapmaw and Thunderjaw. Horizon: Zero Dawn is due out for PlayStation 4 on February 28 and March for EU. Thunderjaw Overview Type: Combat Habitat: All Terrain – Open Areas Challenge Level: 27 Combat Weaponry: Machine Guns Disc Launchers Mouth Laser Combat Me...[Read More]

Horizon Zero Dawn was a risky undertaking according to Guerrilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn, PlayStation 4 exclusive is one of the most anticipated games of the year behind Zelda Breath of The Wild. People tend to forget just how much of a risk it must have been for Guerrilla Games. Here was a studio that had only been known to work on first person shooters before now, who were all of a sudden making an ambitious, open world action RPG. Herman Hulst, managing director a...[Read More]

Guerrilla Games show off Horizon Zero Dawn HUD options and more

In a recent live stream on Twitch by Guerrilla Games, they showcased Horizon Zero Dawn‘s custom HUD settings as well as its Photo Mode alongside revealing some tidbits of information about both. The screenshot below shows Horizon Zero Dawn‘s custom HUD settings. We learned that there will be a lot of options to choose from and we’ll be able to toggle elements, such as the XP bar and weapon/ammo in...[Read More]

Michael Pachter has said that Sony’s first party lineup is the most impressive right now

Many times in the recent past Sony have stated that their lineup is going to be the best we have ever seen. Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities analyst believes that Sony’s first-party lineup is the best in the industry right now. The controversial clairvoyant said that the Japanese giant’s been teasing fans for years now, and it’s culminated in an impressive collection of in-dev...[Read More]

Sony has announced that PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn has gone gold!

Horizon Zero Dawn, a PlayStation 4 exclusive developed by Guerrilla Games has officially gone gold. Managing Director of the company, Hermen had made a tweet of all or most of the employees that worked on the title standing outside the studio. #HorizonZeroDawn has gone Gold! I'm so proud of team @guerrilla for embracing this bold new adventure with so much courage and resilience. pic.twitter.c...[Read More]

Shuhei Yoshida has been meeting with Sony’s first party studios the past few weeks

According to Sony, PlayStation will have the best lineup of games in the year of 2017. We are currently close to entering February and Sony chief Shuhei Yoshida has spent it hanging out with PlayStation’s many first-party teams. After a slew of random dinner pics, the gaffer posted on Twitter yesterday: “Great meetings with the US and European Worldwide Studios teams for the last two w...[Read More]

Where Are All the Xbox Exclusives?

Earlier this month gamers awoke to strongly credible rumors regarding the cancellation of the highly-anticipated title Scalebound, rumors that shortly after proved to be true. Scalebound, an Xbox One exclusive title, had been in development for several years, first announced at E3 2014. A trailer and gameplay demo at E3 2016 served to generate significant excitement for the once promising title, a...[Read More]

Sony announces Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Slim bundle for Europe, releasing March 1st.

Sony have announced that they will be making a Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Slim bundle for Europe to coincide with the launch on March 1st. The bundle will include the new slimmer and lighter PS4 with a 1TB HDD, Dualshock 4 wireless controller and Horizon Zero Dawn on Blu-ray disc. As an added bonus for all customers who buy the Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 bundle this March, you will find a three month subscr...[Read More]

E3 2016: Xbox, Ubisoft, and Sony Conference Impressions

E3 2016: Xbox, Ubisoft, and Sony Conference Impressions The Monday before E3 features press conferences from some of the biggest names in gaming. Xbox, Ubisoft, and Sony all had 90-120 minute presentations, showing off everything coming in the next couple of years. Rectify Gaming was there at all three. Here’s what I thought: Xbox Some of the biggest news of the Xbox conference centered around har...[Read More]

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