Senior Designer At Respawn Laughs At Idea Of Titanfall 2 On Nintendo Switch

Since the Nintendo Switch was revealed EA has been one of the companies speaking highly of the console, but someone at Respawn thinks differently. Senior Designer, Mohammad Alavi laughs at the idea of Titanfall 2 being put on the Nintendo Switch. You can see his over the top reaction in the video but if you don’t want to watch it NeoGAF member perfectchaos007 has provided a transcript which you ca...[Read More]

Titanfall 2’s free DLC arriving November 30th.

Titanfall’s sequel arrived almost a month ago, and Respawn Entertainment has a new DLC pack planned to release in 8 days from today. The developers wrote a pretty good blog today telling fans what they have been working on this month. “Currently, our launch communication has been focused on addressing bug and balancing feedback, promoting Titanfall 2, and amplifying the incredible crit...[Read More]

EA is committed to Titanfall – “Whatever the f*** that means” Respawn CEO responds.

Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment and ex-employee from Infinity Ward gave an interview to Glixel about Titanfall 2, and its launching against Call Of Duty. He went to say his thoughts about Modern Warfare Remastered, a game he worked on 9 years ago and helped reshape the military shooter as we know today. “It definitely feels a little odd” he said to Glixel. “Call of D...[Read More]

Titanfall 2 sales are only 25% of Titanfall 1

Battlefield 1 and the remastered version of Skyrim impressed at UK retail last week, Titanfall’s 2 launch not so much. The games launch sales (retail only) are well below the ones achieved by its predecessor, which arrived in March 2014 on Xbox platforms and PC only. Titanfall 2’s launch sales are barely a quarter of the ones achieved by its original – despite the fact that this ...[Read More]

Over 94% of Titanfall 2’s Trophies are tied to the campaign.

All Trophy/Achievement hunters must be happy since Titanfall 2 has most of it’s achievements in single player. Only 3 of the game’s 51 trophies are linked to the multiplayer while the rest and yes including the hidden are all campaign. If you all remember Titanfall 1 had a couple hard multiplayer achievements and Respawn must have learned since then. Doing one play through the campaign...[Read More]

Nexon unveils Titanfall: Frontline

Titanfall 2, one of the biggest AAA games coming out this year is launching along with a new Titanfall game for iOS and Android called – Titanfall: Frontline.  This game is being developed by Nexus and is a strategy card game set in the Titanfall universe in which you’ll assume the role of a brigade Commander, facing off against rival players in real-time, PvP combat.  From what it see...[Read More]

Respawn is open to cross-play for Titanfall 2.

Cross play has been a big topic of 2016 and as more new games come out fans will wonder if it will have cross play. Respawn is open to the possibility of having the feature for Titanfall 2, but has no plans to do so at launch. Steve Fukoda, Titanfall 2’s game director was interviewed by Shacknews and said “We aren’t planning on doing that at launch. For now, the answer is no, but...[Read More]

Titanfall 2 tech test will only be available on consoles

UPDATE 2: The Titanfall 2 Tech Test download is 17.47GB. You can start pre-downloading tomorrow August 18th. UPDATE: The Titanfall 2 Tech Test #1 takes place August 19-21 thanks to the Titanfall blog they found a link to the tech test multiplayer trailer. The description of that trailer says: Take to the Frontier for the Open Multiplayer Tech Test starting August 19th to the 21st and then again th...[Read More]

Titanfall has sold more than 7 million units.

In late 2015 Vince Zampella, who is one of the heads of Titanfall had said “Celebrating 10 million”, but none of us knew if it was 10 million sold or shipped. Turns out it was 10 million players instead of sales across Titanfall. Celebrating 10 million! Thanks to everyone, we love you all! — Vince Zampella (@VinceZampella) October 2, 2015 Blake Jorgense...[Read More]

Titanfall 2 Cover Art Officially Revealed + New Teaser.

EA Play is around the corner and EA is set to announce and show off their big games such as Titanfall 2. It turns out we found out the official cover art for Titanfall 2. The latest leak showed off a similar picture along with these rumored collector’s editions. See for yourself here. We also got a quick teaser for Titanfall 2 and it looks like they show off what the story could be like such...[Read More]

Titanfall 2 Box Art, Collectors & Deluxe Edition’s have been Leaked

Prior to E3 2016 it looks like a foreign site has leaked the Box Art, collectors, and the Deluxe Edition. As you see below one of the editions comes with Light-up pilot Bust with changeable lens lights, Custom Shemagh Scarf, Exclusive Memorial Patches, Pilot Field Journal, Pilot ID Card Flash Drive, Mini-Art Print Set Paracord Survival Bracelet. Here is the other edition which is called ‘Ube...[Read More]

Respawn Working On New Star Wars Game

It’s May 4th and it is no coincidence that EA and Respawn Entertainment made an announcement today about their upcoming Star Wars game. Respawn, a company that is known for making Titanfall and Titanfall 2 possibly coming this year has revealed with EA Studios executive Patrick Soderlund that they are working on a all-new third-person action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe. Over...[Read More]

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