New Project Sonic 2017 and Sonic Mania Information coming March 16th

There will be two new Sonic titles coming to the Nintendo Switch this year, Project Sonic 2017 and Sonic Mania. Both of which are causing excitement amongst fans. The official Sonic SXSW panel which will taking place on March 16th should hold some details for both upcoming games. The Nintendo Switch launches in just a few weeks and some fans are getting impatient on some titles so this will be goo...[Read More]

New Sonic game debuting next year

There’s nothing quite like going back to your roots to find yourself, and it seems like Mr. The Hedgehog is giving it a shot. Tonight at San Diego Comic-Con, SEGA revealed Sonic Mania, a callback to the blue anthropomorphic hedgehog’s heyday. A 2D platformer with “core classic gameplay”, Sonic Mania is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Spring 2017. Includ...[Read More]

Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis mini console announced, releases in October

As we all know Nintendo announced the Mini NES, it looks like Sega is doing something similar.  In honor of Sonic’s 25th Anniversary SEGA is releasing another Genesis plug and play console with 80 games and according to the listing it’s coming in October. The console is up for pre-order and it will cost $49.99. You can view it here. Here are the features: 80 built-in gameslers in the p...[Read More]

SEGA is focused on the “quality” of Sonic and hopes to make a better future for the series

uIt seems that our little blue hedgehog is making a comeback. In a MCV issue, SEGA’s Takashi Iizuka, VP of product development and creative services had this to say. “We want to release good titles to all the players, and that is the challenge for us moving forward – making sure our games are great.” Sonic’s chief brand officer Ivo Gerscovich also said this. “SEGA is ...[Read More]

New Sonic game could be announced in July.

If you haven’t known it’s the 25th year of Sonic and SEGA have hinted at a new Sonic during an event this July. More specifically in San Diego on July 22,  they will also feature live performances from Sonic music creators Crush 40 and be host to some “very special announcements”. “If you are looking forward to a game announcement, I’m not saying there’s g...[Read More]

SEGA 3D Classics Collection includes 9 games for the Nintendo 3DS

So earlier we reported that SEGA had made a tease about a classic game announcement. It looks like its more than 1 classic game, the SEGA 3D Classics Collection bundles 9 games for the 3DS. There are also two games that never released outside of Japan Here they are: Power Drift: A high octane sprite-based circuit racer.* Puyo Puyo 2: A head-to-head competitive puzzle game.* Maze Walker: A 3D myste...[Read More]

SEGA to announce a new “classic” game

The Sega Facebook account has teased on Facebook that they will have a new game announcement. “If you’re a fan of the classics, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow for our new game announcement” See the post for yourself here.  Also thanks to the SEGAbits account for pointing this out. SEGA teased on Facebook that they have a new game announcement for tomorrow 😎[Read More]

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