Ubisoft will support the Nintendo Switch strongly, the company has announced

Most of the gaming industry knows right about now that Ubisoft is a strong supporter of the Nintendo Switch. The company reconfirmed its commitment to the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform and says that it will be strongly supporting the console. The company has pointed towards the huge success of the Pokémon franchise which has reaffirmed its belief in the Nintendo brand. Ubisoft says it will be ...[Read More]

South Park The Fractured but Whole has been delayed yet again

South Park: The Fractured but Whole has been delayed again and will not release in March as planned according to a source within Ubisoft. The original release date was early December, but Ubisoft delayed the game after stating “”the development team wants to make sure the game experience meets the high expectations of fans and the additional time will help them achieve this goal”...[Read More]

My time with Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta

Beta’s are meant as a testing ground for not only the player, but the developer. In my recent experience with Ghost Recon: Wildlands I was able to get a first hand look at a game that has some strengths, and quite a few weaknesses. The Overview Bolivia is known for being a hot bed for cocaine, and is supported by the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel with operations spread across the entire country. ...[Read More]

Ubisoft has said that For Honor could be ported to the Nintendo Switch depending on how well the game does

There is no question Ubisoft is a big supporter of the Nintendo Switch with Just Dance 2017, Rayman Legends, and Steep coming to the console. There will most likely be some more titles that are out already or titles that are coming out in the future. For Honor is right around the corner and it is possible for the game to come onto the Switch. The reason why For Honor would come to the Nintendo Swi...[Read More]

For Honor gets open beta and celebrity Twitch stream with Jason Momoa

With the closed beta of For Honor ending this past weekend, players got a chance to see some of the upcoming battles we’ll get our hands on when the game releases in a couple of weeks. Today, Ubisoft announced an open beta to take place shortly ahead of the game’s release from February 9th-12th. The beta will include a new online mode called Elimination, which is a best of five rounds,...[Read More]

For Honor open beta dates have been leaked

Very recently the For Honor closed beta has ended. It looks like we won’t be waiting long to jump in again, as it’s now been revealed another beta is scheduled for February. The open beta takes place February 9-12, according to an email received by Twitch Prime users. A NeoGAF member had taken a picture of the email that stated those dates and it showed that Ubisoft will be doing a special stream ...[Read More]

Full List Of Confirmed Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games So Far

After the first day of the Nintendo Switch event we got to see a good amount of Switch games that are coming at launch and further at the Treehouse Live event. They had games like  Sonic Mania, ARMS, 1-2 Switch,  Super Bomberman R, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,  Splatoon 2, and more. We also learned that they will be revealing more info on the upcoming Fire Emblem title through a direct on January 18th. Th...[Read More]

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Movie made $22.5 Million in its first few days of release

In its first six days since release, the Assassin’s Creed movie made $22.5 million in the United States, according to Box Office Mojo. The Christmas weekend it made the most with $15 million made putting it in 5th behind Why Him? The Assassin’s Creed movie was expected to have a six-day opening of $35 million, but obviously fell short most likely due to some of the reviews by critics. Fox Domestic...[Read More]

Ubisoft has confirmed that For Honor is always Online

In a private message on the Ubisoft Forums, community representative UbiJurassic had confirmed that For Honor requires a persistent online connection at all times, during the campaign as well. We also learned in October that the game will not have split-screen which was originally planned. So there has been a lot of changes regarding For Honor. We can confirm that For Honor is an always online exp...[Read More]

Watch Dogs 2 first season pass DLC arrives on Xbox One January 24th

Ubisoft provided a release date today for the first batch of DLC in Watch Dogs 2 coming to Xbox One  It will only be the cosmetic items in the T-Bone Content Bundle and include various skins and appearance upgrades. In the pack, players will get the style and the swagger of legendary hacker Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney with his truck and outfit, and they’ll discover Mayhem — a new co-op difficulty leve...[Read More]

Ubisoft is making their Nintendo Switch games with mobile in mind.

Ubisoft seems to be on of the 3rd party companies who are in love with the Nintendo Switch because they seem to be working on several projects for the platform. They are designing their Nintendo Switch games with a mobile audience in mind when it comes to session lengths. In a recent interview with Polygon Ubisoft stated, about how the studio is changing its design philosophy to accommodate the ne...[Read More]

Get Groovy in our Just Dance 2017 Review

Game – Just Dance 2017 Platform – Xbox One (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Wii, Wii U, Coming to Nintendo Switch Developer/Publisher – Ubisoft Release date – 10/25/16 Price – $49.99 When you think of Just Dance you see it as a party game for any special occasion. Just Dance 2017 continues that great vibe in the series with some of the biggest songs of the year, songs in the past, and songs from TV show...[Read More]

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