Phil Spencer confirms no Halo FPS release this year

Today marks the launch of Halo Wars 2 for the owners of Ultimate Edition (you can read our review here). Yesterday 343 and Xbox team prepared a livestream to talk about the game, show some exclusive content, talk about the future of the game, and as well as some behind-the-scenes of the whole process. Phil Spencer confirmed in an interview with Major Nelson that a Halo First-Person-Shooter title i...[Read More]

Rumor: Destiny II: Forge of Hope to launch Q4 2017, and much more

UPDATE: Full Destiny Sequel confirmed for 2017 and Forge of Hope will not be its name says Eric Osborne, Marketing Director at Bungie on Twitter Source: NeoGAF We are bound to hear information about Destiny’s sequel within the next few months with E3 around the corner and Bungie doesn’t have much to do in Destiny besides nerfing weapons and doing small updates to the game. Rumors are s...[Read More]

Phil Spencer on Twitter: “More first-party games, great diversity, and new IP” coming this year

As many Xbox fans will know, Phil Spencer is extremely active on Twitter when it comes to answering questions from fans regarding the company, current and upcoming games, and obviously the new Project Scorpio hardware. This week, Spencer has given fans another great answer for what kind of changes to expect this year game-wise. The exchange is embedded below. @ShayneCollins38 I feel very good abou...[Read More]

Forza Horizon’s developer opening second studio for unannounced title.

Playground Games will be opening a second studio to work on an “unannounced non-racing project”, said PG to  “We feel like we’ve become pretty good at racing games over the years,” said Playground founder, Ralph Fulton. “We can always get better, we can always strive to get better but we’d love to prove ourselves in a different genre. &#...[Read More]

Napster now available for Xbox One with Background Music support

Ever since Microsoft introduced and released UWP to Xbox One we’ve seen a lot of new music apps that support background music. Now Napster has been added even though we all know that this company is a bit older it adds more variety to the users rather than being forced to use just one music app. With Xbox One you can choose from about 78 background music apps. Did you know the open UWP platf...[Read More]

Xbox 2016 quarter 4 earnings report show balancing between hardware and transactions

Yesterday morning, Microsoft held their annual earnings report call with their investors, as well as published the statistics online for the general public to check out. First up in the rundown came Xbox Live active monthly users, which grew to 49 million, making a 33% year-over-year increase. Twitter user Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, reported that the active Live users topped 50 mil...[Read More]

Where Are All the Xbox Exclusives?

Earlier this month gamers awoke to strongly credible rumors regarding the cancellation of the highly-anticipated title Scalebound, rumors that shortly after proved to be true. Scalebound, an Xbox One exclusive title, had been in development for several years, first announced at E3 2014. A trailer and gameplay demo at E3 2016 served to generate significant excitement for the once promising title, a...[Read More]

Leaked whitepaper report on Project Scorpio hints at what the console is meant to be

For a while we’ve known that Microsoft was working on a new super-console they announced at E3 2016, dubbing the effort Project Scorpio. Since the initial teaser video, showing renders of internal and board components, we have heard almost nothing regarding what the price point will be, when specifically in ‘Holiday 2017′ it’ll launch, and most importantly, what’s ins...[Read More]

Phil Spencer talks Scorpio update meeting, early impressions

After Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One S at last year’s E3 presentation, they continued to tease an even newer console, slated to release late the following year in Holiday 2017. Project Scorpio has been the subject of many hyped Xbox gamers’ discussions lately, wondering if E3 2017 would net them another look at the console, as well as how the system actually runs. Late yesterday eveni...[Read More]

New Xbox One controllers with retro design releasing next month

A new option that is for sure different when it comes to Xbox One will be releasing next month. Called, the Hyperkin X91 Controller, this new controller is wired, features a headset jack, and boasts a retro design that looks more like a Nintendo SuperNES controller than an Xbox One one. With it being wired it helps the price go down to $29.99 as opposed to $59.99. The Hyperkin X91 Controller combi...[Read More]

Metrico+ Review

Game: Metrico+ Release Date: January 20th, 2017 Platform: Xbox One Developer/Publisher: Digital Dreams A land of pie… Seems like a delicious idea, right? If you’re thinking apple or banana cream, I’m sorry wrong type of pie. What we are about to discuss is the indie title “Metrico+”. This game has been available on  Steam and PlayStation for some time now and is now coming to Xbox One. So what is ...[Read More]

Phil Spencer on Twitter: “Games shipping this year are different”

Phil Spencer is regularly a good source for top information on most things Xbox, and the latest news from Twitter is no different. Yesterday, Spencer was asked about unannounced IPs to hit the Xbox ecosystem this and next year. Spencer semi-answered the question, but also gave much more than was asked of him, in saying that this year”s lineup would not be led by tried-and-true franchises lik...[Read More]

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