Third Party Company Announces Nintendo Switch Accessories

Third Party Company Announces Nintendo Switch Accessories

Consumer electronics company Snakebyte has announced a line of Nintendo Switch accessories which are due to go out on sale this Spring.

One of the accessories for the Nintendo Switch is a headset that features a 40mm drivers that Snakebyte says will provide “crisp, clear gaming audio.” The next item called the Nintendo Switch Starter Kit comes with a carrying bag for the system, stereo earbuds, a cleaning cloth, a screen protector, game cases, and more.

Image below:


“We expect our range of Switch accessories to be high quality and thoughtfully designed, ideal for a day one purchase alongside new console sales. We believe that the new products announced today will allow us to continue growing market share in our gaming hardware business and look forward to sharing further details soon.”

No pricing has been announced yet and most likely won’t until we get closer to the release of the Nintendo Switch.


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