Twitch desktop app launches today

Twitch desktop app launches today

Last week we reported that Twitch would be updating Curse’s existing social client following the company’s acquisition of Curse last year.  Today, that revamped social client launches.  If you didn’t catch our coverage last week and are interested to know about the new client, you can check it out here.

For a quick recap though, here’s the scoop.  Curse had a desktop client similar to Discord prior to being acquired by Twitch.  Twitch, after acquiring Curse, said it would be releasing a desktop social client that would integrate existing social features with in-app Twitch stream viewing and chat.  Along with viewing and chatting in the new app, audience members will be able to take advantage of Twitch’s new pseudo-marketplace that allows broadcasters to link to sale pages for the game they’re playing directly within Twitch.

If you haven’t tried the new client out, you can download it from and give it a go.  For further developments on Twitch, its social platform, and all the latest gaming news, be sure to stay tuned to Rectify Gaming.

Source: Twitch via Twitter

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