Twitch updates settings, finally lets you change your username

Twitch updates settings, finally lets you change your username

“Took them long enough” – Everyone 2017

It has to be the most griped about and requested feature on Twitch to be able to change your username and it’s finally here. The broadcasting giant announced yesterday that effective immediately, you will be able to change your Twitch username once every 60 days. Disgarded user names will be held by Twitch for a minimum of six months, at which time they will be put back into the pool for new users. Broadcasters still will not be able to take names directly from another account, however.

This means if you want to take a name from your friend who has a popular channel you will not be able to. Just like everyone else, you will need to wait the six months and hope you’re the first one to request it after it’s gone back into the pool. Twitch also noted that you may lose your streamer stats upon changing your username, and requested you export them prior to do so. You should also change any auto-posting on social media to reflect your new URL.

In order to change your username, simply go to your Profile Settings page, select the box next to your name and follow the instructions.


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