Two popular Xbox One games are getting free trials starting this weekend

Two popular Xbox One games are getting free trials starting this weekend

Homefront: The Revolution and Steep are going to be getting free periods soon, and if you haven’t picked either of the games up because you weren’t sold by reviews and gameplay footage, you can soon try them both out for yourself.  Here are the details.

Steep, Ubisoft’s extreme snow sports title from late last year, features various downhill events where players can tear up the slopes to their heart’s content.  Ubisoft, who launched the game for $60 in early December, is going to be hosting the first free weekend for Steep beginning on March 10.  The event is going to be running on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows via Uplay.  The free weekend includes access to the entire game, not just a limited sphere of the mountain-space.  To take part, head over to and pull on your snow goggles and pack up that parachute.

Homefront: The Revolution is celebrating the game’s Spring Update and developers Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios are offering a free trail of the game.  The free trail, which is limited to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, contains the entirety of the first Red Zone which, according to ICXM, offers “up to four hours of single-player gameplay, and unlimited access to Resistance Mode” which is the online co-op mode.

Free experiences, even if they’re limited to trial versions of a full game, are always great as it’s a way for developers and publishers to let players get a feel for their game before investing money and time into it.  So if you haven’t played Homefront or Steep, definitely have a seat this weekend and give them both a whirl.


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