Upcoming changes to Xbox Live Clubs will allow for in-game interaction

Upcoming changes to Xbox Live Clubs will allow for in-game interaction

Last year, Microsoft debuted and publicly released a new feature to Xbox Live called Clubs.  Clubs let players group together based on shared, interests, games played, or a specific way or type of gameplay within a game.  Since the announcement, we haven’t really heard much in the way of improvements.  Today, Jez Corden published an exclusive based on developer documentation leaked to Windows Central about an upcoming API developers would be able to take advantage of, and it centered on Clubs.

In his piece, Corden writes that “[t]he document we received details various upcoming known improvements to Xbox and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) APIs developers will be able to use in their games, including dev optimizations to leaderboard systems, stat tracking, and various hardware analysis improvements.  This in-game Clubs API for devs, however, is a new feature.”  What Corden describes the feature set of the new API, and some of its possible implementations, discussing how the API could be leveraged to, within a single Club on Xbox Live, developers could enable clan creation, as well as multiplayer guilds, using Xbox Live as a sync engine.

Corden also notes that they “don’t have a full description of exactly what will be accessible in the Club API” but that it has the potential to help games like Destiny and Elite Dangerous that don’t have native or competent clan support.  We’re going to avoid speculation, but you can read what Jez believes is possible in the original piece, linked as the source below.  For now, we know that the API is scheduled for an April announcement which may possibly line it up with Microsoft’s BUILD conference and Windows 10 Creators Update launch and tie in with both rather nicely.  Until we know more, be sure to stay tuned to Rectify Gaming for the latest.

Image Credit and Source: Windows Central

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