Windows 10 apps coming to Xbox One this Summer.

Windows 10 apps coming to Xbox One this Summer.

A lot of new information is coming out from GDC today, The Verge has reported that this Summer developers will be able to bring Windows 10 apps to the Xbox One this Summer. We knew that this would be coming but now we get a clear picture of when it really could happen. Expect Microsoft to talk more about this at Build later this month among other Windows/Xbox things. Apparently, Microsoft is planning to gradually open up apps for the Xbox One over the course of the year.

Microsoft’s goal is to make game development for Windows easier for all the developers. Developers can create a single app for a PC, tablet, phone, and the Xbox, with changes required to suit each varied screen size. It’s going to be a challenge on getting the apps on your Windows phone to the quality to Xbox One. Microsoft’s Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, insists that apps for Windows 10 are a “fully open ecosystem.” Regardless of the criticism.

Stay tuned for more Windows/Xbox news as we get deeper into 2016.


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