Xbox head Phil Spencer talks Xbox Play Anywhere, exclusives, and 2017 expectations

Xbox head Phil Spencer talks Xbox Play Anywhere, exclusives, and 2017 expectations

During Friday’s livestream to celebrate the launch of Microsoft and 343 Industries’ real-time strategy title Halo Wars 2, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, Larry Hryb, took some time to interview Xbox head Phil Spencer. During the interview portion of the livestream, which you can find linked as the source below, Spencer touched on various aspects of his gaming life and upcoming games for 2017, both first- and third-party.

As Halo Wars 2 is the first first-party Xbox Play Anywhere title to launch so far this year, Spencer mentioned that he himself wasn’t too good at the game, but that Xbox players would get the chance to play a PC-created genre of game, real-time strategy, from the comforts of the couch, even though the game doesn’t support play between Xbox and Windows 10 players for obvious reasons. Hryb steered the discussion to games due out later this year, as well as E3 in June, and asked Spencer about upcoming releases and how they would leverage Xbox Play Anywhere technologies. Spencer replied, saying that, “I want more games created, and what that means is giving developers the opportunity to reach the broadest audience with their games.” Spencer continued, saying that just because Microsoft may be involved in a game’s development and the game could easily support Xbox Play Anywhere, the game may not leverage it: “We’re going to have games that only ship on PC, we’re going to have games that only ship on console.”

Continuing the discussion about upcoming projects and releases, Hryb asked about Spencer’s perspective on 2017 thus far, and looking ahead. He said, “We don’t have Halo FPS this year, we don’t have Gears this year, so it’s also an interesting year for us because we’re going through the year with releases that aren’t our traditional ‘big, mega-franchises’ but I think they’re going to do really well.” Certainly a loaded few statements, but it gives us a good idea of what kind of games Microsoft is focused on welcoming to the Xbox family.

Spencer was careful not to drop any unannounced projects or games, but was excited during the interview as well as recently on Twitter regarding Microsoft at E3 and what the team at Xbox has to show customers and press during their presentation. If we learn any details on what specifically he meant, we’ll keep you updated, but until then, stay tuned to Rectify Gaming for the latest.

Source: Phil Spencer via YouTube


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