Xbox One Alpha Ring Insiders can now download Skype Preview UWP

Xbox One Alpha Ring Insiders can now download Skype Preview UWP

With Microsoft’s recent efforts to normalize its first-party Windows apps as Universal Windows Platform apps, Xbox Insiders on the Alpha Ring are seeing a new UWP application: Skype.  We know that Xbox has had a Windows 8-era Skype app, but the new and redesigned Skype Preview app that’s been available on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile for a few months has seemingly arrived at long last!

Jez Corden of Windows Central posted a YouTube video, embedded in their article linked as source, showing off the app and its functionality, as well as verbally comparing features to its Windows 10 counterpart.  If you’re familiar with the design and layout of the Windows 10 app, the Xbox Skype Preview app is almost identical.  Obviously, some UI elements are significantly larger as Xbox displays on far-view displays like couch to TV.  In the video, Corden notes that navigating the app is unintuitive and clunky to use, as users will navigate the app using the left controller stick and, by default, the on-screen keyboard.

He also notes that the app also includes both the new Skype Bots section, as well as a modified, tile-based conversation view.  The Skype Preview app on Xbox One, like the Windows 10 app, can sync Windows 10 Mobile users’ SMS and MMS through the app and Corden also notes that he could reach the Skype dialer to make traditional phone calls, likely using Skype Credits and minutes to dial normal phone numbers.

Most interestingly, Corden shows off Skype Preview’s ability to attach and send files in-app, and he does this using the UWP File Explorer that has been in the past few Alpha Ring Insider updates.  Alpha Ring Insiders should be able to find the Skype Preview app by searching for “Skype” in the store, or in the “Ready to Install” list if they already have it via Windows 10 and use the same Microsoft Account for both devices.  This version of the app currently lacks the Compact Overlay Window functionality that we discussed recently, and we aren’t sure if the app is available to Beta Ring users yet either.  Should we learn more or hear anything officially, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.  Be sure to stay tuned to Rectify Gaming for the latest.

Source: Windows Central

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