Xbox Snap is gone, but it may have a replacement already

Xbox Snap is gone, but it may have a replacement already

As readers will know, Xbox lost its Snap Mode feature in a recent build update to the system via the Xbox Insider Program. While some fans may wish it good riddance, other have lost a valuable feature for multi-viewing content on their console. Since Windows 10 and Xbox are now built on the same unified core codebase, known as OneCore, features enabled specifically for one have make it easier for developers to enable and adapt the feature to other devices that share the codebase. With today’s Windows Insider build 15031 launching to PC users on the Fast Ring, a new feature was announced for availability, and it might well make use of the Universal Windows Platform to migrate to Xbox and fill Snap Mode’s shoes.

The feature, called Compact Overlay window, is essentially a picture-in-picture view of content being played behind active windows, floated above said windows in a smaller window for continued viewing. The Windows team notes that “[u]pdates to the Movies & TV app and Skype Preview app will take advantage of compact overlay windows in the near future” and that compact overlay windows “work just like normal windows in all other ways so app developers can tailor the experience they already know.”

While the feature is, as mentioned, not even implemented in first-party Microsoft apps, the features availability means that desktop picture-in-picture capabilities exist for developers to leverage. And, since the apps that this affects are likely built for Windows 10 and / or Xbox One, the feature may well be able to be implemented to allow for floating content windows over top of games, browsing, and chats on an Xbox One, just like on Windows 10. This has yet to be confirmed, but should we learn more, we’ll keep you updated so stay tuned to Rectify Gaming.

Source: Windows Blog

Via: Windows Central

  • Pops

    i hope they make one guide picture in picture while i play multiplayer. because multiplayer is going to suck without snapmode.snaping one guide keeps me from getting bored fast

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