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2019’s The Game Awards Shatters Last Year’s Viewing With 45 Million

The yearly Game Awards show that former Spike TV host Geoff Keighley has been developing for the past few years continues to show a steady growth in viewership and anticipation for users to tune in to see the winning nominees alongside the surprise announcements made at the event. This year in particular proved to go the step further by breaking previous record by nearly more than half of last year’s spectating headcount.

This week, Geoff Keighley disclosed that the overall viewer count of 2019’s Game Awards have peaked at 45 million collectively, hurdling over 2018’s number by roughly 73 percent.

Of course, this number is obtained by several different angles: handful of different platforms for the livestream of the show. This, however, does not include the number of attendees for the show at the Microsoft Theater which counts for roughly 4,500 seated. So users balanced between Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook, and other services played a part into the count.

A more in-depth analysis provided by Nike Partners’ David “ZHugeEX” Ahmad reveals that the overall viewership have skyrocketed in the past half decade. Starting in 2014 with an impressive 1.9 million viewer count, that estimate nearly doubled by 2016 two years later and then tripled in 2017 with 11.5 million. Again, viewership doubled from that count for 2018 as the show accumulated a whopping 26.2 million.

Even more, the video game analyst concluded that concurrent viewership of this year’s The Game Awards peaked with a total estimate ranging around 7.5 million users. Although viewer base count does show to have a steady growth, participating votes for the show’s awards only accounted for about one third of 2019’s overall viewership: Ahmad shares that to be 15.5 million which is double the amount from last year.

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