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3 Very Important eSports Growth News and Trends For 2022

Posted on October 20, 2021 by Patrick Boland

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The eSports industry, also known as the competitive video gaming industry, has been hitting all the right marks ever since making its presence felt in mainstream entertainment markets a decade ago. While before, the thought of competitive video gaming as a new sports entertainment discipline was something not thought off as important by sports betting news websites and platforms, nowadays, eSports are well on their way to trumping many of the more popular mainstream sports leagues around the world.

For many other parts of the sports industry, the past couple of years have been full of troubles and tribulations, especially with finding a way to maintain their status and revenue grossing metrics because of all the complications that came along with the Covid-19 pandemic, but while others suffered, eSports thrived. The ever-growing eSports industry continues to take gigantic steps towards cementing its status and place amongst the top-leading sporting options in the world, for fans and betting pundits alike. This is why, with 2022 promising to be a very exciting year for the gaming industry, we bring you three very important pieces of news regarding the growth of the eSports industry for 2022.

The eSports Industry Will Surpass The $2.5 Billion Mark In Revenue

Just like previously mentioned, the eSports industry has managed to do one crucial move that most other sports entertainment ventures haven’t, they found a way to thrive economically and in growth percentages even while in the middle of a global health pandemic that to this day still has the majority of the world on a headlock. While in 2020 the gross revenue percentages managed by the global eSports industry was about 1,1 billion dollars, 2021 has seen those numbers grow exponentially with projections made by industry experts having the global competitive gaming industry marking at 1,8 billion dollars in revenue streams. But with 2022 being marked as what promises to be a monstrous year for the eSports world, early projections already estimate the total revenue marks at around a whopping 2,5 billion dollars, numbers that even some of the most important and popular sporting leagues in the world combined couldn’t put together, while combined.

These growth projections are based on the increasing levels of viewership around the world, the global reach that eSports-based products like games, equipment, specialty team, and player merchandise, and streaming platforms bring to the table. With eSports becoming one of the most sought-after entertainment activities for people, both male and female in the 18-35-year-old age groups, it has become quite clear that there is no clear stopping this industry from its ever-growing path.

Asian Games 2022 Will Have eSports As A Medaled Discipline Once Again

Continuing with the exponential growth of eSports’ popularity around the world, the global competitive gaming community got an even bigger push into mainstream relevance once it was announced that the upcoming 2022 Asian Games, which will be held in Hangzhou, China from September 10th to the 25th of 2022, will have eSports as a medaled sporting discipline for countries to compete in. This event, which is held every four years and which could easily be considered as the Asian version of the Olympic Games will see eSports be taken as a serious sporting discipline with real prizes to be dealt out to its winners for the second time, given that in 2018, marked the first time in which the Olympic Council of Asia decided to allow eSports as a medaled sport.

Eight games in total will be played, with Street Fighter V, Dota 2, League of Legends, the Asian Games version of Arena of Valor and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, Hearthstone, FIFA and Dream Three Kingdom 2, with each country who wins being awarded medals that will count in the medal tally, unlike in 2018 where the medals were handed out as a symbolic prize given that the games were only for demonstrative events.

Esports Betting Will Continue Rising In Popularity Amongst Fans

During the tumultuous part of the Covid-19 pandemic, most professional sporting leagues around the world had to either shut down completely until further notice or find ways to slow down their activities and come back once again. This made the online sports betting industries take some very hefty financial hits that were not at all expected, making the market for online betting fanatics a very slim and uneventful one. Once betting companies took a good look and understanding of the popularity that eSports events, competitions, and tournaments amass, they wasted no time in offering betting pundits the chance to bet on a new and refreshing form of sporting events, competitive video gaming.

Ever since doing that, online betting companies have fully embraced the idea of offering fans the chance to bet on their favorite eSports events around the world, opening up a whole new market niche that before the pandemic was barely being touched. With the continuous growth of eSports’ popularity, it is estimated that online betting companies will continue to enforce the idea of offering fans attractive options and packages to wager on their favorite gaming activities, meaning an automatic influx of revenue for all parties involved.

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