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33 Immortals is a Co-op Action-roguelike for 33 Players

Posted on June 11, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Thunder Lotus announced 33 Immortals during the Xbox Games Showcase and the game is going to have a ridiculous Co-op experience unlike any other game.

In 33 Immortals, players are damned souls, rebelling against God’s final judgment. The game’s quick and seamless matchmaking launches 33 players into punchy co-op roguelike raids, in a radically streamlined re-imagining of the MMO experience Thunder Lotus has dubbed “pick-up and raid”. Players optimize their builds to match their playstyle, mixing and matching weapons, perks, and persistent upgrades to steadily improve their rebellion’s odds of withstanding the wrath of God. Above all, 33 Immortals actively encourages players to collaborate throughout the runs, to ensure that the largest and strongest group possible survives the enemy hordes, and prevails in the showstopping boss fights.

33 Immortals is the debut online multiplayer title for Thunder Lotus, the studio best known for immersive single player experiences like the 2 million unit-selling Spiritfarer.

A public beta will come out in Fall 2023 and 33 Immortals will be released in Early 2024 for Xbox Series XlS, PC via Epic Games Store, Windows PC and Xbox Game Pass.

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