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343i welcomes in new Community Manager

Posted on October 29, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Yesterday, 343 industries’ Bravo made a community update talking about future updates and in that blog he announced the new Halo Community Manager. He was previously a CM for Halo back in the Bungie days and 6 years later now he is back with 343 this time. His name goes by Ske7ch (Brian Jarrard) and now with there being a new community manager, Bravo has moved up to Senior Producer.

They also had a little Q&A with Brian:


As the end of my first week at 343 comes to a close, it’s a very surreal feeling to pick up this torch and jump back into the Halo community after a nearly six-year hiatus. A lot has changed during my post-Bungie cryosleep and this week has brought a veritable flood of emotions bursting with spores of excitement, nostalgia and honestly, a sprinkle of trepidation. 

Thankfully some things haven’t changed – namely my longstanding love of Halo, a kickass fan community and a community team comprised of awesome passionate folks who love their jobs! I’ve truly missed being an official part of Halo and while I did briefly mull over making a run at becoming the oldest ever HCS pro I’m thrilled that 343 spared me that humiliation and instead welcomed me into this more suitable role. It’s safe to say the community team now has a brand new worst Halo player to beat up on (though I’m pretty certain I can still crush Frankie).

It will certainly take some time for me to unlock all the necessary 343 community certs (sadly I seem no closer to finally acquiring a DMR) but it’s a journey I’m stoked to be starting and look forward to learning and experiencing together.

We can’t wait to see what Brian does with the Halo community again!

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