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5 Gaming Trends of 2021

Are you a self-confessed video game fan or just interested in learning more? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the latest industry trends.


The gaming industry has undergone a series of major changes in recent years. From the rise of AAA titles to the explosion of online gaming, it can be difficult to keep up with its somewhat rapid expansion. But with the latest Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox consoles launched and an age-old console war reignited, the industry is set to enter a new era. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with the latest gaming trends of 2021.


1. Greater diversity


Whilst diversity in the gaming industry is nothing new, 2021 is set to be the year it becomes the norm. Since the inception of the gaming industry until the present day, it has been dominated by males. This includes both male players as well as male characters. Female characters have, historically, been included as central characters but usually under the guise of a male gaze. But with a recent push to market female-oriented games, the industry is nearing a 50/50 split when it comes to female representation. According to a recent study, a staggering 46% of gamers are female. The popularity of games such as Animal Crossing, The Last of Us, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance has also paved the way for women to get involved with the gaming industry in more ways than ever before. The gaming industry does, however, still have strides to make in order to deliver equal representation both behind the screen as well as in front of the screen.


2. A rise in sports games


Since the 1950s, sports have been a popular gaming genre for generations of gamers. From the earliest amusement arcades to the rise of artificial intelligence, sports fans have been able to get involved with their favourite teams, as well as players, in a number of ways. Since the release of its first instalment in 1994, FIFA has led the pack as one of the most popular sports-based video games of all time. As well as getting the opportunity to play football against your favorite players, sports-based video games have also given way to a new world of online sports betting. With leading sites offering 38 new betting offers to support your team, you can keep up to date with the biggest names in the industry in more ways than ever before. Amongst the most anticipated titles to be released in 2021 include Tour de France 2021, We Are Football, FIFA 22, and eFootball 2022.



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3. A new era of PC gaming


The PC gaming industry has endured decades of technological advancements in the gaming industry. As a result, it is now estimated to be worth over $35 billion US dollars in total. This is equal to the worth of the entire console-based gaming industry as a whole. Despite a wide range of PC-based platforms, Valve’s Steam has retained its title as one of the most popular and highest performing online gaming platforms. As one of the first platforms to give players the opportunity to not only play games online but purchase and review games online in real-time, it has built up a community of like-minded gamers dedicated to the resurgence of the PC gaming industry since its inception in 2003. But with its popularity waning, it has paved the way for a number of up-and-coming platforms to eventually take its place. One of these is Gamezop. Founded in 2015, it is one of the latest online gaming platforms to benefit from technological advancements within the gaming industry as a whole. As a result, it aggregates, optimises, and publishes HTML5 games on its online domain. With the option to choose from single-player as well as multiplayer titles, it has the potential to take the online gaming industry by storm.


4. The progression of cloud gaming


Cloud gaming services have experienced an explosion in popularity in recent years. Often referred to as on-demand gaming or gaming-as-a-service, it is the name given to games run on remote servers streamed directly to a user’s smartphone or smart device. Dubbed the future of the gaming industry, it has the potential to revolutionise the ways in which gamers play and interact with games on a global scale. Players can not only browse thousands of titles located in an online library but purchase and play games from the comfort of their own homes. It is worth remembering, however, that games purchased from cloud-based servers can take several hours to download. As a result, it is often quicker, and much more convenient, to drive to a physical store to pick up a copy of the latest video game. You may also experience problems if your software is not up to scratch or if you suffer from low storage capability. Cloud gaming has also given game publishers the opportunity to monetise old titles years, or even decades, after their initial release.


5. The release of new consoles


Despite its somewhat colourful history, consoles continue to be the most common medium through which players indulge in video games today. With the latest generation released just last year, one developer is bound to come out on top. The age-old conflict between the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox continues to thrive even after two decades of battling it out for the top spot. Both consoles have, however, been joined by a worthy competitor in the form of the Nintendo Switch which was released in 2017. With a new participant in the arena, the latest addition, which straddles both generations, is set to continue to fight for the best new releases. As a handheld console, it benefits from greater flexibility and versatility than its predecessors. Players can also game on the go whenever or wherever they may be and, unlike the others, watch television at the same time.


As 2021 reaches a midway point, a number of gaming trends have already taken the gaming industry by storm. Examples include greater diversity, a rise in sports games, a new era of PC gaming, the progression of cloud gaming, and the release of new consoles. With several key developments yet to take place, this year is set to be one of the biggest yet for the gaming industry.

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