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5 Great Games With Fantastic Storylines

Posted on January 19, 2022 by Riley Cashly

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These days, you can find a game on any topic. To start with, you can try browser games or simple PlayAmo slots. But if you are looking for something that has a more breathtaking storyline, then these 5 games are what you must try.

Life is Strange: True Colors

In its time, Dontnod released a masterpiece game about teenage life with superpowers. It was an amazing story in the genre of interactive cinema that deeply touched the souls of millions of gamers. In the end, the developers decided to ride the wave of success and after a while released the shameful sequel that completely failed to live up to the fans’ expectations.

But here, a third-party studio that had previously worked on the prequel developed Life is Strange: True Colors, which is sure to surprise the unsophisticated gamer or a fan of the series who has absolutely every series in the franchise.

Once again the story of the main character’s superpowers awaits you. For inexplicable reasons, you will again have to play as a girl. She has an uncontrollable empathy. The thing is that when someone around her is experiencing strong emotions, she is unable to control herself, which in turn leads to the splashing of unusual abilities onto others.


This game has one great zest. These are time loops that make two perfect killers relive the events of the same day over and over again. Of course, the idea isn’t new, and we have already seen something similar in the movies many times, but the developers clearly managed to tell the story in games in a new way.

The protagonist of the game wakes up without memory on the island called Black Reef, whose inhabitants live the same day over and over again, not afraid to die at all. Naturally, our hero named Colt is completely perplexed, and then some Julianne begins to pester. She, by the way, is aware of what is happening and she has goals, motives and a common past with the protagonist. You’ll learn all this as the game progresses. At the Game Awards, Deathloop has already been listed as one of the best games of 2021, as far as we know.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Eidos Montreal studio has decided to please Marvel fans with a project based on “Guardians of the Galaxy”. This time, the developers did not lose heart and rolled out a wonderful project with familiar characters.

Of course, shooting gets boring after a couple of hours, and the gameplay and graphics do not shine and do not make you open your mouth in amazement. However, in terms of story, everything is good here. Characters talk nonstop, share their stories, talk about their experiences, and constantly argue with each other.

Alan Wake

In 2021, the Finnish studio Remedy did not please the fans with new AAA-games, but the developers decided to roll out a good remaster of their horror action Alan Wake.

According to the plot, you will take on the role of writer Alan Wake, who comes with his wife to a small provincial town for vacation. But his wife realizes that they have come here with a different purpose – to get Alan out of a state of creative crisis. But neither of them even dared to think that Bright Falls would become a real battlefield between darkness and light, where Alan would be directly involved.

If you haven’t played the 2010 original, then it’s time to fill in the gap. This remaster is definitely worth your attention.

Mass Effect

Another game that came to our list from the past. The thing is that this year Bioware Studios released a remaster of the first three parts, which was highly appreciated by fans, newcomers and critics. So if you still haven’t had a chance to play one of the best space gaming sagas of all time, then it’s about time you did.

In terms of plot, passion, scale of events – it’s like Star Wars or Star Trek, only from the world of games. In my humble opinion, a movie about the adventures of Shepard and his crew is asking for it.

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